Pachi-Slot Aruze Ōkoku Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The game starts with an animated sequence. There's thunder. Lightning rolls across a purple sky. Then the camera pans lovingly across the three machines which are enveloped in a golden haze
The game's menu
The machine selection screen
There's a delay between machine selection and playing the game
Playing Jirokichi. This line triggers the bonus feature. Viewing the reels on the right of the screen is an option that can be selected from the menu.
Playing Jirokichi. In the bonus feature something good happens when the player stops the reels in exactly the right spot. Can't say what because it's too hard to do
Playing Jirokichi. Within the bonus feature there are other features. Here the player has three blue symbols on a line. This triggers eight spins which will all be blue symbol wins
Playing Jirokichi. This is the standard simulation with no aids, such as showing the position of the reels, enabled.
Playing EDOnoNezumi and getting a small winning line.
Playing AREX. Here the player let the reels time out, note the zero in the lower right. Didn't help though - still no win.