Paddington: The World Mystery Tour Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen. This appears very briefly in an odd sized window when the game loads.
The game starts with a short animation. First Paddington disposes of the globe/ball and then he dances to the game's theme tune.
When the game starts for the first time the player selects the kind of adventure they want, their icon, and enters their name. There is a narrator who explains all this.
The start of the game is this animated cartoon showing Mr & Mrs Brown meeting Paddington at the station while waiting for their daughter Judy
Paddington has been given a ticket to Lima and the game has started. First the player packs his case, here we start with a sandwich, and then the game explains all the controls.
Most of the control icons are self explanatory but using Marmalade to adjust the sound, in-game timer, confirm printing and so on is bizarre
Paddington's first stop is Mr Gruber's. It's also his first puzzle as Mr Gruber is dancing and Paddington must somehow attract his attention
Another puzzle. Mr Gruber asks Paddington to locate a city and then which landmark belongs there.
This is where Paddington's Aunt lives. The chap in the striped tee shirt is deaf and Paddington must find his ear trumpet, so he opens his case, gets out his magnifying glass and examines the screen
A spot of breaking and entering because Aunty is away and her room is locked. Here falling objects can knock Paddington off his ladder
The next puzzle is a simple painting puzzle. Complete the picture to get a clue, which is that Aunty has gone to Italy because she's been embroidering a pizza
Here we are in Italy helping a sculptor complete his statue. This is the introduction, the game goes full-screen when player interaction is needed.
In France there's a painting puzzle. The game tells the player which colours to mix and they colour the picture by moving the mouse over it. It's not possible to paint outside the lines here
Clicking on the bed in the lower right corner is how the player exits the game. There is a short animation showing Paddington getting into bed before the game closes