Pajama Sam: Life is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Sam's hero will be at the mall!
Now to find that superhero cape...
Pajama Sam title screen
Entering the land under the mess on Sam's bedroom floor.
This sock is lonely for its dirty mate.
Which way to go? Keep an eye out for stray trading cards...
At the dust-bunny farm, the only herd that prospers with neglect...
A cereal-bowl catapult, one way to cross the mountains...
Grandma Sweater - Sam will need her knitting skills.
A pretty group of fireflies, and no way to catch them - yet.
That net might come in handy for catching...something!
One never knows when one might need a glob of blue silly putty!
One of many funny Pajama Man trading cards to find during the game.
Wonder what lies beyond this lake...
A shoe tree!
Fireflies in a jar light up this dark place for Sam.
A carefully placed ice cube can work wonders with sticky stuff...
A garbage-removal mini-game
The dirty sock mate wrings himself out after a wash.
Finally able to get to the mall (Dr. Grime is here somewhere with Sam's comic book).
Waiting on line...there must be a faster way.
Aha! Also known as a go-to-the-head-of-the-line pass.
Oh no! They think Sam is Dr. Grime! Maybe because he's so...
...grimy. And there's nothing like a cup of hot cocoa for cleaning up...?
Sam's home - notice the nice pink lava lamp
Sam is running, all excited, to tell his mum about an opportunity to meet Pajama Man.
The trading cards (1) - one of the funniest aspects of the game and the best collectables in all Pajama Sam games.
The tradings cards (2)
The tradings cards (3)
A beautiful scenery
The tradings cards (4)
Inside the fish tank (with no fish, however)
The trading cards (5)
The trading cards (6)
The chessboard
The trading cards (7)
When you collect all cards, this image will be formed from their flipsides (however, all flipsides appear blue when in the scenery).