Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Otto the anxious boat
Now that Otto know that wood floats, he can get Sam across the water.
The vegetable patch with Sam dressed as a tree
The colorful geysers!
The outhouse and the waterfall
Inside the mine
A room with dancing furniture
A min(e)igame!
A secret passage inside Darkness' house
Look at the electricity - isn't it an image of Putt-Putt? (Unfortunately, inter-game references don't seem too common in Pajama Sam games.)
Comic-styled credits

Windows 3.x version

Intro: Pajama Sam is reading his Pajama Man comics
Who will stop this evil villain?
Pajama Man!
Pajama Man banishes the bad guy in his Portable Bad Guy Containment Unit
Pajama Sam decides it's up to him to capture Darkness forever
...but first he's got to find a few things...
Pajama Sam approaches his closet in search of Darkness
Oh no! Pajama Sam falls into some sort of vortex!
Game Title
Arrival into the Land of Darkness
A few nutty trees confiscates Pajama Sam's stuff
Pajama found Darkness' lair
Xing's wheels are all rusted
Win the door's Brain Tickler game to enter
4 categories to choose from
Music question
A Carrot Freedom Fighter asks Sam to help him free his fellow carrots in Darkness' fridge
Playing a game of Cheese & Crackers
Follow the magic book's instructions and see what happens
Darkness' room
Recollect missing socks
Playing Cheese & Crackers with Darkness
Save Game