Pandemonium 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Intro: the jester Fargus...
...his crazy puppet Sid...
...and the enchantress Nikki! Mmm... Enchanting, indeed!
Groovy options menu
Loading screen
You travel on this map to select levels
Nikki is jumping in grass
Sliding down
Oh wow, looks like a long jump...
Goon City
Hanging on ropes
Prison level
Lots of interesting camera angles
Jumping on giant bubbles, collecting keys...
Nikki is going to be hurt
Fargus in a village
A flying monster attacks!
Scifi-like moving platforms
Jump on those bubbles to reach a higher platform
Nikki got a special power
Impressive intro to a level
Fargus is fighting a big mean dude
So many... eggs?
Boss battle against a crazed egg master... or whatever he is
Spooky forest. Hanging on platforms
Radioactive sewers
Impressive 3D architecture
Hanging and moving, trying to avoid those passing things
In this level, you get chased by a robotic monster...
...until you get a tank and fight it back!

Windows version

Cid the puppet (intro)
The comet of infinite possibilities (intro)
Jester Fargus (intro)
Enchantress Nikki (intro)
Game title and main menu
Starting out on the world map (or a level select screen)
Beginning of the first level
The characters now can climb the ledges
Jumping on a baddy
Entered some sort of town gates
Using clothes-lines
Climbing up a rope
Only 14% of treasure collected in the level
Switching to Fargus on the world map
Ice prison level. Hey, thanks for the sign!
Fargus shooting a baddy and making it explode
Getting the keys usually reveals coins or other items
A bossfight with a dragon
Jumping on platforms in Stan's the Man
Jumping on air bubbles
Nikki's double-jump ability is handy
Lots of coins and hazards
Impressive background here
I can use these flying creatures as platforms
What were they smoking?
You can release these poor creatures Sonic the Hedgehog-style
Running away from a huge robot
And fighting back in a tank!
A mechanical-themed level
It's Windows version, yet control tips are from the PlayStation version. Weird
Auto-scrolling into the screen while reflecting the robot's projectiles
In control of a huge robot
Another auto-scrolling level, Space Harrier-style
World map - intro into totally psychedelic areas
Guess the level artists moved from smoking to something else...
Lick the Toad
It now looks like we're somewhere in outer space or another dimension
This level is a labyrinth and it needs a map
Buddha-like alien for a boss?
Password entry screen