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Panzer Dragoon

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SEGA Saturn

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Back of Box (US):

    Blast Through the Mystical, Surreal Worlds of

    Panzer Dragoon

    One thousand years in the future, you live in constant fear of the Dark Dragon and his giant cyborg insect armies. Armed with a deadly weapon from the ancient past and the guidance of you armored blue dragon, you must save your people from endless swarms of deadly foes. Fulfill your destiny and keep the Dark Dragon from reaching the Tower or die trying.

    • Pilot through seven unbelievably realistic levels ranging from eerie tropical blue ocean cities to intricate subterranean passageways.
    • Beware. The Dark Dragon controls evil giant dragon flies, frightening man-sized wasps, gian sand worms, cyborg scorpions and lethal flying battleships.
    • Enemies approach from all sides. With 360-degree control, and lock-on targeting, you must attack quickly and show no mercy.

    Contributed by breakyboy (1563) on Mar 21, 2006.

Unknown Source:
    War From the Wings of a Dragon

    Soar one thousand years into the future on the back of an armored blue dragon and battle the vicious Imperials and their calculated, deadly schemes for power. This 360 degree war zone will drop you in the middle of dank caves, vast deserts and sunken cities unknown to man. View the intense action from any angle and zoom in and out as gigantic sandworms, 10 foot wasps and lethal air-borne battleships try to pull you from your destiny of slaughtering the Dark Dragon.

    Based on the Arcade hit, with real-time texture mapped graphics

    360-degree view and targeting

    7 intense levels of unmatched graphics

    Optimized for native Pentium processor, Windows 95

    Contributed by Casualty (725) on Jan 01, 2001.