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DOS version

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Main Title
Main Menu
If you decide playing campaigns, you'll be briefed before every mission with occasional selectable choices.
Pre-battle map will select the point of attack, invader, and defender.
On CD version of the game, you will have short fmv before every mission.
Allied destroyer sinking couple of german u-boats.
German destroyer versus veteran allied gunboat.
AA guns blazing upon german's infamous Stuka bombers.
Soviet tanks crushing couple of panzer tanks.
German heavy bombers leveling allied artillery.
Above all, fighters are the most precious asset to remove the bombing threat from the skies.
Map mode, showing ground units on D-Day mission.
German pillboxes tearing apart defenseless transport vessels.
Allied heavy cruisers taming german strongpoints.
Mustang US fighters clearing the last of german Focke Wulf.
Weak italian tanks all in flames.
Getting rid of brittish anti-aircraft guns.
Selecting a purchase of german tanks.
German newest jet fighters versus allied tanks.
Thunderbolt US fighters piercing a hole in german Luftwaffe.
Axis and allied veteran air units, both ending with heavy casualties.
If skilled enough commander, you may end up leading an assault on none other than Washington, US.
German panzer tanks in flames, but soviet vehicles doesn't stand a chance.
German rocket trucks demoralizing soviet tanks.
Quick scenario lets you play any mission, at any side, even two-player game.
German special forces taking the last of soviet tanks.
German wehrmacht infantry attacking polish cavalry.

Windows version

Depending upon the Windows resolution, an actual game window will vary, and you can choose wether to have background, or to see desktop behind.
Each mission consist of small movie from WWII.
Your first mission as a general will be swift invasion on Poland.
The Windows version is handled through the windowses, not using any DirectX or such.
Purchasing more units for offensive. Money is earned by occupying enemy cities, and by steady income.
A whole map can be several times bigger than in DOS (depending upon resolution you're using), so in first mission, for example, you can see entire map, no need for scrolling.

Official Screenshots

  • Panzer General Screenshot
    SSI website, 1997
  • Panzer General Screenshot
    SSI website, 1997