Papo & Yo Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu.
The game opens with a dedication
A first glimpse of the monster
What a strange drawing ...
The world looks normal. For now.
Who is that girl?
Interacting with the world in a rather unusual way
Many noticeable places seen only seen afar first, will later be accessed in the game
A hint box
The inside of said box
Realigning the gears...
... makes new areas accessible
Goofing around
Sometimes it is better to only change the environment a bit. Secrets are to be discovered.
Those hats are the only collectibles in the game and only appear in a new game after it has been completed once
Sometimes the game takes the player in more naturalistic settings
The frogs can be picked up and carried
Pulling open some stairs
A waterfall
Those blocks actually move the houses in the background and are needed to solve a puzzle
The game is full of beautiful vistas ... and silly hats.
Later puzzles are more complex and time critical
That fruit can lure the monster
The monster
Frogs running about
There is a frog in that pipe. The Monster REALLY likes frogs
Sometimes the game switches to Quicos memories
Which aren't all that pleasant
Lula. Sidekick, hero, friend.
Dialogue is in kept in Portuguese with "subtitles" like these
Saved by Lula
Those bubbles are animated
Lula gives you new powers
Like this extended jump
Also, he can activate special switches from afar
An enraged monster. It happens when it gets to consume a frog
I wonder what is in there ...
The game becomes more and more surreal as the story progresses
Later levels get more symbolic
Weird angle
Sitting on monster's belly