Parlor! Pro 2 Screenshots (PlayStation)

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The game starts with a seemingly unrelated animated sequence showing an 'Independence Day' style invasion of earth.
The game's Start screen. From here there are three options. One plays the ROAD STAR machines, another views winning lines, and a third starts a story
This is the machine selection screen. the left/right buttons swap between the machines and the circle makes the selection
The ROAD STAR machine. The green control in the lower right sets the power at which the balls are fired. The tiles in the central window are not on a reel, their rotate around their vertical axis
ROAD STAR. The cross button brings up a set of game configuration and statistics options
ROAD STAR. This control increases the cost of each ball. It was 2.5G and it has been changed to 3.5G. In the pachinko parlor this cannot be changed
This control allows individual pin positions to be altered. It's available on all machines in this simulation
ROAD STAR. When the balls hit a specific target the central reels spin. The outer reels stop first. If there's a chance of a winning line the players view zooms in on the spinning central reel
ROAD STAR. A winning line triggers an animated sequence where the guy parachutes into her car. She seems pleased to see him.
ROAD STAR. After getting a winning line and viewing the animated sequence there then follows a long period looking at this screen while the machine pays out
The ROAD STAR bonus feature naturally features the main characters driving across America. As long as the player keeps hitting the target they keep driving
The ROAD STAR bonus feature. As long as the player keeps hitting the target they keep driving and driving
The ROAD STAR bonus feature. As long as the player keeps hitting the target they keep driving and driving and driving
ROAD STAR. The scenery the couple pass through on the bonus drive shows different US landmarks
ROAD STAR. The final scene of the bonus drive
This is an in-game option that shows the player's performance
The second option from the main menu gives the player options to view the different ROAD STAR backgrounds while spinning the symbols.
The third option from the main menu invokes what the manual refers to as the STORY
In the STORY the player can visit different locations among which are pachinko parlors
Playing the STORY. In the pachinko parlor the player moves the hand to select a row of machines. There are two types of machine here, ROAD STAR and another
Having selected the bank of HANA MIDZUKI machines to play the player then selects a specific machine with the left/right arrows
The HANA MIDZUKI machine plays the same as ROAD STAR or any other pachinko machine, it's the animations and bonuses that differ
The outside reels stop first. If they match the player's view zooms in on the central spinning reel. HANA MIDZUKI offers a second chance at a win by dealing potentially matching cards
HANA MIDZUKI. When the player gets a winning line they are treated to a karaoke song by this young lady.
HANA MIDZUKI. The karaoke song by this young lady, played when a winning line is achieved, shows several pictures of her in traditional dress.