The Patrician Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen.
Game selection screen.
Naming player 1.
Choosing the family crest.
Choosing a starting city.
Naming a boat.
You can purchase, outfit and repair your boats at the shipyard.
Placing an order for a new boat.
The main office.
Purchasing goods to sell in other ports.
You can hire crew for your ship at the local pub.
Hiring the crew.
Picking up weapons at the armory.
Managing loans.
Visiting the church.
Travel to other cities via this map.
The main town screen in Stettin.
You can form convoys and check on town auctions here.
At the town square you can visit the baths, the church, hold feasts and find out the people's opinion of you.
Enjoying the baths.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Main menu
Selecting a coat of arms for my family
Where do I want to live?
Naming my first ship
I have no weapons on my ship yet
Order a new ship?
The harbour in L├╝beck
The town square
As in reality then
Some important dates to remember
You can meet powerful men in the bath
Buying cargo
Now I need to hire crew
My ship is loaded
You can buy weapons from the blacksmith
At the bank you can take or offer loans
Your office
The world map
What is happening in the world right now?

DOS version

Title Screen
Game menu (International version)
The Map of the Hanseatic region
Events in the Hanse
The main Town interface
Your Office, from where you will rule the seas
There is a Shipyard in most towns, which offers to repair or build ships
Here you buy and sell your goods
The Town Market where you can meet the Citizens of your town
The citizens gladly share their opinion of you
If you need to loan some money, your Bank might be of assistance
Buy absolvence for your sins or donate money in the church
Choose between four types of ships