P.A.W.S.: Personal Automated Wagging System Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

Splash screen (french)
Menu, ready to behave as a dog ?
My first day, I wake up (notice my eyes are not 100% open)
It's better, now
Can't believe this : a cat in front of my house door !
Time to go out (use the red arrows on the lower half of the screen)
Enemy in sight
Target locked !
Does it hides behind this fence ?
or in this waste container ?
No, no, no, that should be around this tree
Just in case, look closer
He nags me again, and he stole my bone
At last, the cat released the bone. It is mine again
One bone is not enough, I'm hungry again, let's call someone out there ! (notice the bark icon on the lower right corner of the screen)
These humans or not that stupid, they gave me food
Correction ! These humans do not make difference between me and a cat. I waste my time with them.