PaybackTime 2 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title/main menu screen (shareware version).
In the Headquarters players manage existing teams and create new ones.
About to hire a new warrior. The stats for each candidate are rolled randomly. The trick is that dismissing a candidate will cost as much as hiring him/her.
The "Storages" screen is for purchasing weapons, ammo and equipment.
Trooper equipment screen. If a warrior has experience points they can be used to update stats.
Before a battle is started some of the options can be adjusted here. The game modes determine how much of the battlefield will be visible outside the player's warriors' line of sight.
Map selection. The shareware version only comes with three maps.
Up to four players can participate in a battle. The shareware version is only limited to two players.
Selecting your team. Here are all three default teams that are included with the game.
It is possible to pick any number of warriors for a battle, up to 10 in the shareware version, or 20 in the registered version.
Before a battle starts, the players must position their troops within the limits of their starting location (the tiles which are marked with a player's colour).
Viewing a warrior's stats during a match.
Exploring the battlefield.
The in-game help screen. The game is controlled entirely from keyboard, with no mouse support.
Drawers may sometimes contain weapons and other useful items.
Warriors will report enemy sightings during an opponent's turn.
The top-down map of the battlefield can be viewed at any time during the player's turn.
The current score is displayed at the end of each turn.
Viewing a warrior's inventory.
About to attack an enemy trooper.
Health and damage stats of a warrior.
Weaponry Tomorrow Ltd. (weapon editor) - registered version.
Sunset Medi & Armor Co. (item editor) - registered version.
MDC-Construction Inc. (map editor) - registered version.