Conflict in Vietnam Credits


DesignSid Meier, Ed Bever
ProgrammingSid Meier, John Harris, Gregg Tavares
PlaytestingJohn Stanoch, Mike Dodge, Mike LaBruno
DocumentationEd Bever, Arnold Hendrick, Michael O. Haire
Apple ConversionJim Synoski
IBM ConversionEdward N. Hill Jr., R. Donald Awalt, Randall Don Masteller
Special ThanksRaymond Bell (Brigadier General USAR), Donald Whelan (Brigadier General USA), John Sloan (Colonel USA), Christine Lunardini
Dedicated to the memory ofMichael John Patrick Callahan (Pfc. USMC - Killed in Action; Vietnam - June 17th 1949-November 8th 1967)

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