Solomon's Key for the NES was released in Japan on this day in 1986.

The Demon's Forge (PC Booter)

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Written by  :  Olivier Masse (421)
Written on  :  Oct 28, 2000
Platform  :  PC Booter
Rating  :  1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars

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Don't laugh. I *bought* it!

The Good

Needless to say I didn't like nothing. Well, the cover was nice, but that's all.

The Bad

It looked as if it was designed for a VIC-20. Crude graphics, no ambience, nothing. The interface was ugly and required strict text-based commands. I didn't get very far in the game, I got stuck and didn't have the courage to waste more than a few hours on it.

I was especially surprised to find out the game was a booter. Back then, a booter game was considered as outdated.

The Bottom Line

Didn't pay much for this game. Took it a bargain bin at Radio Shack. I got nuts however when I realized this was a game I had actually "evaluated" almost a year before but deleted to use the disk for something else. Oups.

If I remember correctly, this was a double-sided disk in every sense of the word: one side was the IBM PC version while the other was for the C-64. The floppy had two notches on each side, one thing one would not see often with a PC. (Correct. --Editor)