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Box of Box - Atari 8-bit / C64 / Apple II / IBM PC release:


    Welcome to RAS, a world entered only through Screenplay's new adventure seires, the Warriors of Ras™. This superb collection of graphic role-playing games promises to bring hours of fun to exercise your wit and reasoning skills. Each game is made up of randomly designed mazes, monsters and confrontations. Even beginning role-players can create strong warriors and save them to play game after game! First level fighter stand a better chance of survival in the Dunzhin; each game in the series provides a greater challenge, a greater danger.


    You leave the real world behind when you enter Dunzhin, the first of the Warriors of Ras series of role-playing games.

    In quest of treasure you descent deeper and deeper into the dungeon. Each level of rooms contains precious items or dangerous traps. In one room, in the lowest depths, lies the ultimate treasure.

    As you work your way toward the prize, you cam face to face with increasingly hideous monsters. Do you stand and fight? Or should you withdraw? You can sneak around your foe, or run like crazy. Which?

    Gather your wits and grab your weapons. During your journey through the dungeon you'll encounter pits, poisonous gases and trap wires. As you overcome the obstacles that lie in your way, you're rewarded with riches.

    Suddenly your struggles pay off. You capture the treasure! But the game is not over. You must find your way out.

    Event after your escape, the fun doesn't end. You can save your character to play Dunzhin over and over. And each time you play the game is different. There are thousands of possible dungeons!

    Sound impossible? Just wait till you advance to the next game of the series, Kaiv.


    Author: Randall Don Masteller
    Minimum Memory: 48 K
    Maximum Number of Players: 1
    Complexity on a scale of one to ten: 5
    Age Group: 10+
    Computer Compatibility: Atari and Commodore 64, disk and tape; Apple and IBM PC disk.
    No Joystick/Trackball or special equipment is needed.
    You can save your game and character.

    (C) 1983 by Screenplay. All Rights Reserved.

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