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Title Screen
Main Menu
Starting Level
Take care with the asteroids!
That enemies seems arrived from the dark side
Initially, this stage seams really difficult.
But eventually you will learn to position your ship at approximately *this* height and move forward and back to avoid obstacles.
Entering the underground zone.
Perhaps it's an emulator issue, but things start to slow down around here.
Again - this zone is extremely slow.
Fat kangaroo aside, this portion's gameplay is similar to Rygar.
...almost there!
It's hard to take seriously a game where you're attacked by aliens riding rubber balls.
I wonder who lives there.
An alien garage. The only thing missing is an alien garage band.
Since the action screen is so small and the sprites are so large, it is often impossible to avoid getting hit.
I am yet to figure out the purpose behind this sparkling barrel.
If you ever get more than two or three enemies on screen at the same time the game becomes unbearably slow.
At least the CGA alternative palette is put to some use.
Some areas are almost pretty. an ugly, CGA kind of way.
You need an item to open this gate.
Wow! That's a large, ugly plant!