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CGA title screen
CGA gameplay screen, first level
CGA - The 1st level Boss - It looks like a fish.
CGA - Taking the 1st piece of the map.
CGA - Level 2 starting point
CGA - Shooting towers.
CGA - Hey! It's a door over there.
CGA - Breaking the door.
CGA - A giant stone head
CGA - Shooting the red-blinking eye.
CGA - Got It!! Avoid those deadly fireballs while tears fall from the statue's eye.
CGA - The tears have turned into 'K' blocks that you can collect to get an extra life.
CGA - Damn!!! Another evil stone head!!
CGA - Surrounded by enemies.
CGA - Shoot the bastard before he kills you.
CGA - What's that?? A girl in trouble???
CGA - She's crying!! Going up there to help her.
CGA - Damn!! A trap! She turned into a beast.
CGA - The 2nd level Boss - A tamer and its lions - Shoot them all.
CGA - Level 3 starting point