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Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover - PC Booter (US):
    The Gem Rush of 2184 is on!! You've staked your claim and have set out to mine the riches of the Asteroid Belt. Unforuntately, the Commie Claim Jumpers have their own concept of Interstellar Law. They relentlessly steal your gems before you can mine and deposit them in your starbase. Only a MASTER MINER can survive the Commie onslought long enough to reap the riches of the Asteroid Belt!

    WARNING: This game includes a special two-player mode in which two human players mine the Asteroid Belt simultaneious. Your friendship may not be able to survive the fierce competition!


    • By Dan Illowsky, co-author of Snack Attack II
    • 5 levels of play to entice the novice as well as the expert
    • Written entirely in machine language to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the IBM PC
    • Game progresses in difficulty as you progress in skill to ensure long lasting challenge
    • Looks spectacular on TV's as well as on RGB monitors
    • Keyboard or joystick(s) control

    Contributed by Trixter (9128) on Mar 01, 1999.