Advertising Blurbs

Case inlay - PC Booter (US):

    MICROSOFT Adventure

    A fun-filled,
    computer game

    Treasure and magic

    Imagine a journey through a labyrinth
    of mysterious caves.

    Imagine what would happen if you
    were on that journey and you met up
    with giant green snakes...rumbling
    volcanoes...fuming sulfur lakes...
    pesky trolls...and other nightmarish

    Imagine that, and many more surprises,
    and you have the fantasy/logic software
    game Microsoft Adventure.

    Playing Adventure, you gain
    undreamed of treasures. Practice the
    secret arts of magic. Risk danger and
    defend yourself at every turn.

    If nothing else, Adventure is fun and
    exciting. And you can enjoy it all today
    with your IBM Personal Computer.

    Hunt "Colossal Cave"

    Adventure turns the IBM Personal Com-
    puter into your companion and guide.
    You can ask simple questions and type
    simple commands on the keyboard,
    which the program will understand and

    With Adventure, your personal com-
    puter joins you in a hazardous search for
    fifteen treasures. You hunt throughout
    the depths of "Colossal Cave," fraught
    with all kinds of pitfalls, puzzles, perils
    and adversaries.

    When the game starts, you find your-
    self in a lush forest beside a small build-
    ing. By entering various commands and
    questions on the IBM Personal Com-
    puter, you explore the area, find the
    entrance to the cave and discover how
    to enter it. Once you enter the Colossal
    Cave, you must learn to rely on your
    skill and intuition.

    Be a "Grand Master"

    Adventure is a challenge to both
    beginners and experienced players alike.
    The deeper one goes into the cave, the
    more sophisticated the level of play
    becomes. At the end of each game, your
    performance is rated according to one of
    the nine categories...from "rank ama-
    teur" to "seasoner adventurer" to
    "Grand Master".

    As you prove yourself sufficiently
    skilled, more sections of the cave, with
    greater treasures and correspondingly
    greater hazards and puzzles, become
    open to you. Because the cave is inhab-
    ited with living and "thinking" oppo-
    nents, each Adventure session will be
    totally unique.

    Enter the "Repository"

    The ultimate goal of Adventure is to
    exhibit a mastery of play that will gain
    you entrance into the "Adventure
    Repository." Here, you'll have a shot at
    the Grand Master game.

    But watch out. Be careful. Only would-
    be Grand Masters with finely tuned
    Adventure magic, skills and experience
    can survive the final tests.

    Since advanced players can survive in
    Colossal Cave for hours, Adventure
    allows you to stop the action in the
    cave. You can use your IBM Personal
    Computer for other things, and yet
    return days or weeks later and continue
    your Adventure journey.

    Contributed by Nélio (2059) on Aug 27, 2010.

IBM Press Release, August 12, 1981:
    Microsoft Adventure provides the IBM Personal Computer with a role-playing fantasy game. The game setting is a vast network of caves beneath the earth and the land outside. The fantasy world contains 130 rooms or nodes, 15 treasures, 40 useful objects and 12 problems to solve. The program allows players to store the status of two games on a diskette. It will provide useful hints, instructions and feedback on a player's progress.

    Contributed by Nélio (2059) on Jul 17, 2005.

IBM Press Release, August 12, 1981:
    Microsoft Adventure brings players into a fantasy world of caves and treasures.

    Contributed by Nélio (2059) on Jul 17, 2005.