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Due to the "feature" of permanently deleting a character from the game disk, sales of Sub Mission were catastrophic.

Contributed by Tony Van (2855) on Jun 07, 2000. -- edit trivia

While "wiping the character" was a real threat, the game gave 2 options: 1) a "secret code" to resurrect each character once, and 2) a "petition" you had to fill out and send in with your disk if you failed to win after the cheat code.

Contributed by Tony Van (2855) on Jun 07, 2000. -- edit trivia

The game came with a cassette audio tape that was required listening for the game. Also, the threat that "the characters will be wiped from the disk" was for real -- if you didn't succeed, game characters would be permanently deleted from the diskette. These two concepts made Sub Mission unique for its time period.

Contributed by Trixter (9126) on Mar 28, 2000. -- edit trivia