Tass Times in Tonetown Screenshots (PC Booter)

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PC Booter version

Title screen
The main playing interface
In granpa's bedroom
Getting the keys from the kitchen.
Inside the laboratory
The hoop that takes you places.
Arriving in Tonetown.
Inside Jamac Salon
Buying a jumpsuit in the boutique.
At the town square
Flo's Party Supplies has everything you might need for a party.
Cool! An outdoor concert!
Fast Freddie's is the coolest disco in town... or maybe the only disco.
Outside the offices of Tonetown Times
Ennio's got a desk!?
I got lost in the forest. Oh and I also got eaten.
Bottom of well.
Title screen (composite monitor)
Snarl - the evil jerk.
Investigating the cabin (composite monitor)
Outside salon.
Spot playing with grandpa's strange contraption (composite monitor)
Getting a fashionable Tonetown makeover (composite monitor)
In the editor's office of the Tonetown Times.
At the boutique (composite monitor)
Nature trail.
Spot's alter-ego Ennio is sort of a big shot here (composite monitor)
The Daglets rock the park (composite monitor)
The band members reveal the secret of their electrolic sound (composite monitor)
The Tonetown Times editor is pleased (composite monitor)
A strange town indeed - disco's still hip! (composite monitor)
Hankering for a party mask? you've come to the right place (composite monitor)
A leisurely walk in the strange, strange woods (composite monitor)
Not your garden variety toadstools (composite monitor)
The local fauna can get somewhat bizarre (composite monitor)
Ennio gets a sniff of something unpleasant (composite monitor)
Exploring the depths of the well (composite monitor)
An eerie menagerie (composite monitor)
Into the darkness... (composite monitor)
In the bad guy's mansion (composite monitor)
Snarl owns a pet store, too (composite monitor)
Row, row, row your boat... (composite monitor)
A none too subtle reference (composite monitor)
The office tower (composite monitor)
A rather eclectic pair of guards (composite monitor)