Can Can Bunny Extra Screenshots (PC-FX)

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PC-FX version

This is a work of fiction... because you can't seduce so many girls so quickly in real life :)
Title screen
Hey there, Swatty!
The hero's room. Nice TV
Hitting the grocery store
Swatty is excited :)
The Seven Lucky Gods. They look like idiots, if you ask me :)
Introducing the girls
Lots of pretty girls in the library...
That's a cool fish :)
Seducing a school teacher - everyone's dream :)
Swatty, where did you buy your underwear? Just asking...
Your main "hub". You move to other areas
Standard interaction menu
The library. Books, pretty girls... Everything's here
That's how rich people live...
I'm playing this game to see pretty girls, not old geezers like you!
Lively street
Hotel. bring pretty girls here. Once you get them, that is
I could never understand the Asians' obsession with karaoke...
Great, first ugly men, now giant dinosaur skeletons...
Clothes shop! That's where all the pretty girls must be!
The hero is arrested for being too horny. Nah, not really