Kokū Hyōryō Nirgends Screenshots (PC-FX)

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PC-FX version

If you say so
Title screen
The old hero is telling his story.
Transformers forever!
Sakura. Of course. It's a Japanese game.
Nothing but misspelled German with awful, idiotic names.
The young and cool hero
Talking to Rein, one of your pretty companions.
This is Pierra. She'll show you around, but unfortunately won't be able to explain why the crew, the planes, and everything else in this game have idiotic pseudo-German names.
A priest? Forgive my sins, father... I've been playing too many hentai games lately...
Standard interaction menu
Plane map
Now the simulation part...
Plane statistics. It's all very complex. Several pages of technical mumbo-jumbo
Overview map
And now as a diver...