Miraculum: The Last Revelation Screenshots (PC-FX)

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PC-FX version

Title screen
Siegwald, Siegwald, what are you doing?..
Animated intro
Traditional medieval fantasy...
...and suddenly sci-fi!
Uh-oh, this dosn't look good...
Jay is ready for business!
Equipment screen
I'll have some whiskey!!
Jay is in the port city of Heles
Jay is sleeping in an inn
On the world map
Jay engages in a meaningful conversation with a cat
Buying items in a shop
Random battle on the world map
Typical foggy forest dungeon
Battle in a forest
The game has random weather effects. Here I am standing on the pier in the rain, lonely thoughts in my poor head adorned by pseudo-gay haircut...
I could play Bach, but I'll surprise you with a Shostakovich fugue!
Another town, another animal to talk to!
Yes, it's exactly what you think... and the tentacle monster WILL try... very suggestive
Sewer dungeon
Random battle in the sewers. Cindy's spell selection
Castle dungeon
Anime-style FMV: meeting a new companion
This room is a mess...
Party screen
Mountain pass dungeon
Tower dungeon
One of the game's boss battles
Introducing Honzou, in a stereotypical Japanese "perverse" fashion
Full party screen
Another day, another cozy dungeon with treasure chests...
Mid-game boss battle. This guy hits hard!
After several hours, you finally get a taste of sci-fi!