Rururi Ra Rura Screenshots (PC-FX)

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PC-FX version

Title screen
Meet the heroes of the game
Even in children games, girls have sexy outfits...
The mysterious girl, trapped in a bubble...
Starting location
Fighting some red guys
Cut scene. Imprisoned Reinas
Boss battle against a bat
Cut scene: Axid steps out
Okay, how do I destroy this? No idea...
Love at first sight?
No, Axid, you can't destroy the ice. Let Reinas handle it with her fire magic
Climbing down, climbing down...
Camp menu
Reinas hits stuff with fireballs
Reinas and a treasure chest. Camp is on the upper platform
Axid fights a boss bird
Liberating the frog Pick
Reinas has discovered a new location
Nothing like crazy white guys trying to kill you...
Too many trees! Arrrgh!