Team Innocent: The Point of No Return Screenshots (PC-FX)

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PC-FX version

Intro: the story
Intro: the police invades Cronus's lair
Intro: our three heroines - fifteen years ago...
Title screen
The three heroines in full glory
This screen only allows you to replay missions you have already played (to get items you have forgotten)
The police chief explains the mission to you
Cool machinery!
Starting location of the first mission
Status screen
Saki tries to manipulate the gate control
Cut-scenes are fully animated
Saki has found an item!
It is possible to view maps of all the floors
Saki up close. Pixelated, but still... *sigh*
Riding an elevator. Nice view!
Saki gets briefed on the way
Combat! Saki kicks this poor excuse for a mutated genetic experiment
No, Saki, don't do this... please...
Cool floor. The game's graphics have a definite style
Operating a computer
This guy confesses his sins on video. Really
Rummage through racks to find all sorts of junk... or is it?
Time to take the laundry! I guess that explains why she wears so little
One of the few (more or less) darker and (slightly) scary scenes in the game
Repair the panel by using a specific inventory item
Uh-oh... a pre-rendered dead body!
Items are sometimes really obvious
Riding a shuttle during the second mission
Finally, a decent gun!
A shoot-out with a pesky security camera
Input the password!
You try to jump over this laser bar...
...and fail