Tengai Makyō: Dennō Karakuri Kakutōden Screenshots (PC-FX)

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Hurray! The famous Tengai Makyou characters - all together in one game!..
...even including my favorite one, the idiot monkey Mantou...
...but of course also Kino, the sweet heroine of Manjimaru and her dog...
...the crowd's favorite, Kabuki Danjurou...
...and a sexy demonic chick whom I haven't seen in any Tengai Makyou game I've played, but damn it, I'm glad they included her!
Title screen A
Title screen B
Player select!
Okay, let's launch Kabuki against that evil-looking sexy babe!
Each character has an opening animation before battle. Kabuki - medieval Japan's equivalent of a rock singer - is, as always, surrounded by groupies
Some of the moves are ridiculously funny
Sexually suggestive?.. You bet!
Oh, how sweet :)
Kino launches her attack. What will you do, Manjimaru?
Mantou is ready to do battle! Ack! Eek!
Mantou decides whether to attack or defend
Murderous intentions!..
Ziria prepares for battle...
...and gets smacked :)