Wakusei Kōgekitai: Little Cats Screenshots (PC-FX)

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PC-FX version

Title screen A
Title screen B
Right. Sleeping with stuffed toys is the best way to prepare oneself to giant robots combats. Didn't you know?
Introducing the heroines
The robots
Goofy Reagan. That's his name
Okay, let's see those girls...
Just making conversation, is all
Let's take a tour!
hoosing what to do
Don't make such an angry face!
Cup of coffee?
Choosing activities for the girls
Training in robots
Personal parameters
Navigation menu
Item menu
Met a girl in a cafeteria, invited her to ice cream. Nothing wrong about that, right?
Hey, sorry to bother you
Told them to have a rest. They look bored...
Studying theory
Dig the hair color
Running competition
Shooting range
One of the few men in the game :)
That's her bedroom. What should I do?..
Cut scene: some make-up won't hurt...
Cut scene: robot combat!
Attacking enemies in range
Automatic combat sequence