Ayumi Screenshots (PC-88)

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PC-88 version

Title screen
A strange guy appears
Ayumi is not sure about her mission
Ayumi emerges in the alternate world
Top-down overworld navigation
This blacksmith will give you some weapons later on
Arrived in a village
Meeting a young woman...
...which was actually just a photo :)
In a bar
The "mama" looks charming. She needs to shave, though
Hmm... this thing is blocking the way
Discovered a castle
"Possessing godly powers" apparently means "dressing like a slut"
With the weapon in hand, this guy won't bother anyone any more
You'll have to discover hard-to-find locations on the world map to get the needed items
Poisonous swamp. You can't advance without the right item
In a cave
You found a survivor
Pink bunny house
Solve this puzzle and you'll be able to proceed here
A weird room
A rather disturbing female robot
You can read a "hentai magazine" :)