Exile Screenshots (PC-88)

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PC-88 version

Title screen
The crusaders are coming...
The story
Introducing the main characters
Map and status screen
Assassins' village
Through the desert...
Underground cave. Fighting spiders
Jumping is often required
Beaten by a giant sandworm boss...
High-tech dungeon
Anachronistic enemies...
Wow, what a nice... chair
This place looks familiar...
The scenery changes drastically...
This guy's eyebrows are thicker than Brezhnev's
Cave entrance
The adventure takes us... to China?
Women's monastery. We can't enter
Hmm, interesting place...
Snowy mountains
Jerusalem!.. Occupied by the crusaders... :(
Old City labyrinths
Fighting some crusaders
Entrance to Jerusalem. The city does look much better now, under Israeli rule :)