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Exodus: Ultima III Screenshots (PC-88)

User Screenshots

PC-88 version

Copyright screen
Title screen
Character creation takes place in windows pasted over the title screen
Status screen
Outside of Lord British's castle
What an original name...
Taking to Chucky thejester
LB is showing off :)
LB in his fancy throne room. They used extra red color :)
Don't you feel lonely here?..
Attacked by many monsters at once!..
I can see the dungeon entrance from here...
Catholic pool?..
They need to find a better name for their shop...
Guys, stand in the line, don't push!
We won!! Game is completed!!!.. Err, no, actually it's the other way around
These fields hurt like hell
Battle in a dungeon!
Dungeon exploration: ladder
Dungeon exploration: door
Fighting pirates on their ship!