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Zeliard (PC-88)

Zeliard PC-88 Title screen


100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Included with the game was a large poster containing a map of each cavern. While not necessary for gameplay, later levels became quite difficult without it. The map is not quite complete, and omits invisible barriers and doesn't indicate where a door will lead.

A nice feature included (which was still somewhat uncommon at the time) is the ability to select different hardware for music and sound effects. Since sound effects are not supported for the Roland MT-32 (only music), this allows a Roland MT-32 to be used for music, and another supported sound device (such as Adlib or Tandy 3-voice) to be used for the sound effects providing an impressive soundtrack.

Although EGA uses a resolution 640x200 instead of 320x200, I actually find the MCGA version to look best. MCGA mode uses 64 colors, whereas the EGA version simulates 64 colors by dithering.

Zeliard was able to have a fairly large smoothly scrolling screen, even on slower computers. This was accomplished by breaking the screen up into a grid, and only redrawing sections that actually changed instead of having to redraw the entire screen for each frame. Sierra used this technique on several other Gamearts conversions, such as Firehawk.

Contributed by Servo (55897) on Aug 04, 2002. -- edit trivia

As with all Game Arts games ported to the PC by Sierra in the late 1980s, Zeliard actually looks best if set to use EGA graphics, not VGA/MCGA. (This is because the graphics were originally mastered at 640x200.)

Contributed by Donny K. (426) on Aug 09, 1999. -- edit trivia