101-kaime no Approach Shot Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Interesting introduction...
Main menu
Training mode. Viewing the green
Almost there!
Getting ready for the shot
I don't play in HAZERDOUS conditions
All the types and fetishes are there: schoolgirl...
...girl with impossible hair...
...nice girl in bikini... wait, that doesn't really fit any fetish
De gustibus non est disputandum
Back to fetishes!
The girls will introduce themselves and talk to you
Score table
Playing against a nice girl-next-door...
...and unleashing her hidden passion!..
Typical hazards - water, bunkers, trees
Yes!! A birdie it is!
...and this is your reward
To hell with clothes!..
Ahh, intellectual passion...
Phew... that was close!
Is there a problem, officer?..
...apparently not
She looks tough!..
...but I guess she has a softer side...
The ball is lost in the forest
This is the key to my heart!