2 Shot Diary 2: Memory 1/4 Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
The eponymous diary
Yukari's or Emi's diary?..
Animated intro for Yukari
Choose the word to fill in the blank
Yukari in the garden
The oligarch ties Yukari to a tree. Apparently, he thinks that will make her love him
Animated breasts. Seriously
What, she loves him after he raped her?.. I think only Japanese can come up with such a thing...
Looks like she is not against...
Animated Emi intro
Emi at the beach, wearing slutty clothes
Emi needs to take a leak. I won't capture a screenshot from the next scene...
Animated breast-touching
I just met you, but never mind. I'm an underage slut. Apparently, that's "in" in Japan
Mosaic-scratching. Yeah. That'll help
She still prefers to be a lesbian?..