2 Shot Diary 2: Memory 2/4 Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
The diary itself...
The two girls, Mayumi and Mai
Mayumi's animated intro
Animated masturbation
Who the hell is this?!..
Choose the word to fill in the blank
Animated nipple-licking
Animated... okay, you got the idea. Man, I'm tired of writing those porn screenshots descriptions...as I'm tired of PC-98 having so much porn... :(
Animated finger-sucking? At least it's new...
We've had telephone sex...
...so now we'll have real one
Mai at school
What's going on?..
Nice guy, eh?
They wash her first...
...and then do such disgusting things to her, that I couldn't bring myself to take further screenshots, and therefore...
...just skip to the end. Looks like she actually enjoyed all those horrors, as per Japanese rules: girls enjoy being raped, humiliated, and tortured. What a country, man...