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Alone in the Dark (PC-98)

Alone in the Dark PC-98 Cool Infogrames logo. Love this 3D animal :)


100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Alone in the Dark Credits

Japanese Version

Product ManagerRyūichi Hiraide
DirectorsChuck Willen, Kiyoshi Ohkawa
Production CoordinatorKatsura Kawano
ProgrammingKenji Suzuki (Suzuken), Yuuji Ohdaira (TAP), Hideyuki Ueno (PON-star)
TranslationGroup Grambon
TestingToshikatsu Yamamoto, Norio Imai, Takeshi Saito
Special Thanks ToHitoshi Furuya, Tetsuya Suto, Brenden Maloof, Kaori Uchizono

Original Version

Realized & Directed byFrédérick Raynal
First AssistantFranck De Girolami
Production DesignersYaél Barroz, Jean-Marc Torroella
3D ModelingDidier Chanfray
AnimationDidier Chanfray
Screen PlayHubert Chardot, Franck Manzetti
Product ManagerOlivier Robin
Original MusicPhilippe Vachey
Original SFXPhilippe Vachey
Mixed bySequence Coad
Best BoysFrederique Bourgin, Lionel Frappé, Serge Plagnol
Special Thanks ToBruno Bonnell, Bernard Montibert, Eric Mottet, Véronique Salmeron-Genot, H. P. Lovecraft, Chaosium

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