Cal III Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
Enigmatic intro
Mmm... purple...
The Trojan War begins!
Hero's room
Hero's girlfriend
Greeks are coming
Exploring ancient Greece
The goddesses have agendas of their own
In a desert
Finally, a quiet Middle Eastern town
Your trusty companion Ches
Dude... this is the kind of attitude that makes me want to support the Moledet party :)
Ches is... err... blending in
Enchanted forest
Wait, this scene looks familiar...
It's Cheshire Cat!!
Another familiar character from Alice
Ches undresses...
...and is naked! This is one of the VERY few erotic scenes in the game!
Sleeping goddess
Just enjoying the fresh air...
You meet a familiar face
The fairy leads you
You explore more and more of wild nature...
...even including this desolate place
Look behind you... a six-headed HYDRA!!
Cutscene with Greek gods
Beware! Horny guys!
Ancient Egypt
Sphinxes. Of course
Pharao's tomb
Uh-oh... be careful!
One of the few instances of a Game Over
Finally, you can have sex with your girlfriend...