Chōkōsō Crisis Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Company logo
Title screen
Who is this?..
Let's start!
Almost done...
THIS is how the picture really looks like! :)
Oh, Kenjirou... save me... you know how...
Going to Floor 2...
What are you looking at? :)
Game Over...
Ya know, I was imprisoned and all, so I thought... I have nothing else to do...
Kenjirou studies female anatomy
Staring at a tricky falling thing that makes the ball disappear
The obligatory bondage scene
Maybe we should untie her?..
kenjirou is contemplating the more complex brick structure on this level, when the ball hits him square on the head
Oh, Kenjirou... I was waiting for you...
Passion, passion
Tricky. The bricks are not connected, and the ball falls between them
Kenjirou likes what he sees
This is a breast, Kenjirou. I thought you'd like to know
It's a good thing when the ball just bounces up there
More anatomy study
"Ahaa!..." Dialogues are not hentai games' forte
Time-prolonging power-up is falling
Nice lingerie!
Great position variety
Slowing-down power-up