Dangel Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
What a logo :-)
Demons massacre the humans...
Meanwhile, our hero Anduke satisfies one elf...
...and then another. Ah, life is good :-)
The cute Alicia
Alicia and Anduke: the romance begins...
This is just massage... really, nothing out of ordinary...
Anduke in Alicia's uncle's house
Character information
The uncle looks like someone who failed an audition for the role of Yoda
Anduke on the world map
Random battle
Anduke visits a town
Palace dungeon
Basement dungeon
Cut scene
Prince Chris joins the party
Anduke and Chris fight a random enemy. Nice guy, actually, once you get to know him better
Exploring a mountain cave
Someone is trying to rape this girl! Let's save her!
Such nice quintuplets
Abandoned mine
Nice... err... haircut
A new world map is opened
In a bar in a harbor town
Someone has a good taste in pictures!
This is a fortune teller. You are feeling really fortunate
Banging your own party members is a general rule in hentai RPGs
You can gamble in the casino
This boss looks like he means business...
This rural world consists of several small villages on islands connected by bridges
Anduke, Chris, Charlotte, and Monica sail towards new adventure...
Some detailed graphics... here you control the little fairy Corinne as the party leader
A boss battle against an impressive dragon
The castle in the city of Silver, one of the locations late in the game
Not all sex scenes are full-screen and explicit... this one looks really funny :)
The designers' imagination goes rampant...
This is the Tower of Korsakov, situated between the cities Albeniz and Allegro. No, really