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PC-98 version

Unremarkable title screen...
Music menu
The game begins. What a lovely sky...
Hey, can you give me your barber's number
Remembering your own name must indeed be a hard task for someone whose idea of challenge in video games are Japanese adventures :)
Oh no... where... the hell... am... I?!
Your partner, Sue. Her mom must be proud of the outfit
Menu choices, menu choices...
Dungeon door. How to open it?
You know, there are plenty of worse places to bump into :)
And with a light movement of the hand... sorry, just had to quote the Soviet comedy callsic "Diamond Arm" :)
ABSS: Animated Breat-Sucking System
Where is right, where is left?.. Another quote from a Soviet comedy classic. This time "Aybolit-66" :)
I just thought I'd go into a dark, dangerous dungeon and masturbate there. Helps me concentrate on my work, you know what I'm saying?
The camera mercifully hides what needs to be hidden... for now
Mosaic doesn't help. It's still clear what is beneath it...
The Queen of De Fana. Dig the pointy ears