Dragon Knight 4 Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

The ever-cute Elf logo :)
Title screen
Wow, so many heroes. Of course: it's a strategy game
Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Really, something like this!
Beautiful intro!
"When I was a baby, I sucked my mother's breast, like every other man! I mean... like every other man sucked THEIR OWN mother's breast..." - Jade Empire
At the age of five, Kakeru reveals his future sexual preferences...
...at the age of ten, he drinks booze. What a hero!
The first town. Gotta gather an army here!
Rolf from Knights of Xentar is a PRIEST now! Wow! Times have surely changed...
Nice graffiti! Take a close look!
Hey, nice to meet you!
Here is something you'll only find in the DOS version of this game. Interactive, totally uncensored sex. Anyone still thinking consoles are better than PC? :)
It's a madhouse! It's a mad... house!
Another city, another mission
Kakeru storms the palace
This king should retire. He's too old
The war begins...
Battle screen. deploying your troops is the first thing to do
Nice magical purple city!
Wow, I have a large army! Attack!!
Enemy turn. They are smart, they won't just charge stupidly
Dragons vs. dragons!
Infantry vs. infantry!
Making war, making love...
Archers have got me! Damn!
Game Over...
So many of my friends are here...
I don't have a good feeling about this...
Super-cool battle in the space!