Dragon Sōseiki Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Intro: geographical information...
...historical information...
...and finally, pure fiction :)
Your mentor and best friend
The hero, Guy Pendragon
Exploring the town
Hotel & tavern
Mayor's lovely daughter
Strange symbols...
City map
Didn't know the women of pre-Inca civilization had blue hair... :)
It's night. Staying in the inn
Forest dungeon
Fighting pesky random animals
Game Over...
Mysterious tower
High-level enemies
The party is fighting three tough ghosts
What the hell is this?..
Cut scene
Dragon or dinosaur?..
Found a treasure chest
Fell into water...
Exploring underwater cave
Fighting fish and other guys :)
The maps get more and more complex...
Intimidating won't work on me!
Using lightning magic on a boss
At least we have a good view...
Strange object... could it be?..
Oh, how sweet...