Dual Targets: The 4th Unit Act.3 Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Basic verb menu
A scene with an assassin
Emotional responses
Hey Asshu, give me a hand here
The first battle against the android
What are you staring at, you losers?..
I feel kinda blue
Chatting with friends
It was just an ordinary school day...
Uh-oh... what's going on?
I have no time for you, you geek!
Blon-Win and her clone
Clone battle in the school corridor
Hey, I don't wanna clean this mess
Come on, come on, calm down...
Blon-Win is getting angry
Blon-Win changes her clothes? Or is this the clone? Hard to say
In a hospital
Meeting a friend
Come on, don't be blue
Fighting Daljee
Dramatic cutscene
Fighting another ugly android
Spectacular moves
Blon-Win knows her science
Game Over...