Eiyū Shigan: Gal Act Heroism Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

What kind of a title screen is this?..
...That's better :)
Naming the girls
The school building
Introducing the playable characters
Each girl has a unique intro
Viewing all the teams
Group photo! :)
Outside of the school
Character status. Nice... clothes
Catholicism is the way
Exploring the home town
There are many houses you can visit
Movement between the cities is performed via this menu
The city of Querx is inhabited by desert people
Impressive architecture in the city of Albida
Are you sure you feel comfortable with those skulls?..
Mission: accompanying a caravan at night
We are attacked!..
Lovely statue...
Entrance to a mysterious ship...
Battle against robots
Exploring a sci-fi dungeon