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Figure: Ubawareta Hōkago (PC-98)

Figure: Ubawareta Hōkago Screenshots

PC-98 version

Groovy title screen - begins as an image on TV
"Normal" Title Screen
Main office
Someone calls you...
What our hero does best
Dig the hair color!
School corridor
Looks like she is ready...
Your house. Choices...
The hero knows how to please a woman!
Am I dreaming?..
...apparently not
Intellectual girl...
...and intellectual sex!
Arts room
Passion, passion...
You are getting closer...
Now that's interesting...
...but still better like this, right?
Garden outside
What's wrong?!
School yard
Altruist hero
District outside of the school
Sex in the gym
Nice... socks
Album menu
Lesbian orgy!
Looks like she is into S&M
Tender kiss...