Gensei Kitan: Disc Saga III Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

This... risky picture will turn into Compile logo! Really! :)
Cool Title Screen :)
Yeah baby! Come on! A solo on some fusion song would be cool :)
Introducing the characters: Petum the wizard...
...Kiri the guitarist!..
...and the main hero, Smash the HORNY DOG! :-)
Smash is getting smashed :)
Main menu
Dogs are allowed on the train?
Train station
People are waiting...
Exploring the human town
Big boss's mansion
Mountain path
Bartender! ... Hic!!.. Gimme some... whiskey... and a bone!
Dog Tribe village
Talking to the Elder
Using the toilet :)
Cave. Passage is blocked...
The humans have better public toilets... :)
Fighting a random bat
This pesky guy casts fire on me
Smash and Farin, the Fox Tribe messenger, are exploring the mysterious mansion
Confronting a weird rabbit guy
Smash and Farin are fighting the rabit boss. Farin casts lightning
It's just me and the duck...
Character information. Kiri actually fights with a guitar! How cool!
Smash and Kiri take on a bad guy amidst pots :)