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Heroes of the Lance (PC-98)

Heroes of the Lance PC-98 Wow, play it in English? Great! Too bad there is no dialogue in the game anyway... :)


100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Heroes of the Lance Credits


Program CreationU. S. Gold Ltd
Design CoordinationLaurence H. Miller
Program GraphicsTeoman Irmak, Antony Scott
Programming TeamAlan Bridgeman, Matt Ellis, Graham Lilley, Brian Howarth, Teoman Irmak, Antony Scott, Richard Sheldon, Mike Woodroffe
Product ManagerJerry Howells
Based on the ModuleDL1 Dragons of Despair
Original U.K. ManualLaurence H. Miller
Box Art byJeff Easley
Original Graphic for Title Screen byClyde Caldwell
Manual Adapted for the United States byStrategic Simulations Inc.
Game Developed byU.S. Gold Ud., Strategic Simulations Inc.
U.S. Gold Testing & Development TeamPaul Sutton, Charles Cecil, Mike Dixon
SSI Testing & Development TeamCharles J. Kroegel Jr., Dick Vohlers, Cyrus G. Harris, Graeme Bayless, Zane Wolters, John Bruning Sr., Robert Daly, James Kucera

Japanese Version Staff

ProducerRyo Kawahara
ProgrammersSatoru Fujiwara, Hiroyuki Fujiwara, Hidefumi Ohara, Makoto Ichinoseki
SupervisorHitoshi Yasuda
MusicSeiji Toda
Co‑OrdinatorsKazuhiko Arimoto, Masuko Mori
PromoterYasuaki Matsumoto
DesignerHideki Haruta
Special Thanks ToShin'ichi Nakaya, Masaaki Furuya, Shigeru Iwabuchi, Miki Hayashi
Manual DesignPaper  Land
PrintingJapan Sleeve

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (121564)