Last Guardian: Jūkyō no Shugosha Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Pretty cool title screen, if you catch my drift
Main menu
This silly bird is telling some background story :)
The intro story is long. Patience, we are coming closer to our time... Battle of the gods, blah, blah, blah... :)
Peaceful times for the Beasts, eh?
Badio is trying to consult some old wise Beast lady :)
Some of the Beasts together
Pre-battle menu
Viewing the map
Here you can find information about the game's world
Battle! Movement area
The two heroes, the "nerdy" Rezak and the boysterous Maxen
Pre-battle cut scenes are frequent, and are done with battle graphics plus large portraits
Dramatic cut scene!
Choosing a magic spell
Very cool Game Over screen!
Battle against... toys??
Cut scene featuring a mysterious black-haired girl
Great. Now we are fighting rabbits!
Well, hello there! :)
Attacked by mean guards in a palace
Viewing character statistics
Battle in a rocky area. Casting a support spell
Battle on a bridge. Surrounded! The only solution: high-power fire spell!
Later in the game you'll have a guy in your party who can transform into this cool bear :)
Dialogue during a battle
Battles occur in all sorts of places. Like in this normal room...
Battle in space! Viewing enemy stats
A gory scene...
Some locations are quite weird. Mechanical enemies pop out of those holes
Characters say some short phrases when performing special attacks
Rezak is talking to an old geezer :) Dig the wings, dude :)
Rezak is thinking about a pretty girl. For some reason, I'm not surprised!
Post-battle cut scene with battle graphics
Some cut scenes have only those portraits
Awwwww... :)