Madō Monogatari: ARS Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Cute Compile logo with Carbuncle :)
Title screen
Select your story!
Arle in a flower field
Common intro, introducing the characters: Arle...
...and the token effeminate boy who is the ideal of manhood in the eyes of silly Asian girls - She-Zo :) The name fits, by the way :)
Also starring Carbuncle as the official Compile mascot!
All the heroes together
Arle's personal intro: forest...
Arle's starting location
Meeting a weird old dude
Fighting a nerd :)
The rabbit sells stuff :)
Fighting a puyo-puyo
"Bumping into a wall" animation
Rurue's intro
Mysterious castle
Rurue is getting violent :)
Rurue's starting point
Fighting a mermaid
Here, the shopkeeper is a fish :)
Rurue bumps into a wall
Fighting a Skeleton-T
This is... a door
Rurue finds a treasure chest
She-Zo's intro
She-Zo hasn't yet figured out if he's a boy or a girl
She-Zo's beginning
In his scenario, a duck sells items :)
Fighting... Siamese cats?..
Enemy design is truly weird
Powerful, this one is!
Portal to a synagogue? Something like that :)
Whoa, such a dangerous enemy! She-Zo is... morally wounded :)