Oshioki Kirai! 2 Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen. The protagonists: Takeshi Kanai (left) and Kōichi Karasawa (right).
The first level is announced
The first opponent is kind of slow...
...but hits hard!
D'oh! Game Over!
Woo-hoo! Round clear!
The second round is announced...
...and indeed, it involves chopsticks!
Uh-oh... narrow miss
The chopstick foe is defeated
The third level is announced...
...and is truly scary! :)
He throws dirty napkins on me! How terrible!
The napkin opponent can't handle his own filth any more :)
This level is more dangerous...
He can attack with either fork or knife...
...and simply wipe me off the field